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Monday, April 16, 2007

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Author: Jim Grayson -
So did you purchase the latest model Nokia or Motorola cell phone which has a number of preinstalled ringtones? Or did your parents give you a brand new mobile phone on your birthday? One thing is for sure. People are never satisfied with the number of limited preinstalled ringtones on their mobiles. After all man is never satisfied with what he has. He always wants more. And this is the case with ringtones as well. Ringtones can be classified into monophonic and polyphonic ringtones. In the case of monophonic ringtones, the sound output is just like pressing the keys on your mobile phone. In the case of polyphonic ringtones, the sound output from the phone is like a surround sound. It is clearer and stereophonic. Old mobile phones can play only monophonic ringtones. All the newer mobile phones have the capability to play polyphonic ringtones. If you get bored playing all the ringtones on your mobile you can download ringtones from ringtones sites. Portals like Yahoo and Rediff have a separate section on ringtones where you can download monophonic as well as polyphonic ringtones for free. Ringtones are categorized under different headings. For example, English music ringtones maybe classified under pop, jazz, rock, hip hop etc. Also popular ringtones from the movies like the Terminator are also available. There are also ringtones for different countries. At present, there are hundreds of portals on the internet that have a complete section on free downloadable ringtones. Also there are many ringtone sites that are completely dedicated to providing ringtones for download � either free or for a small fee. The overall idea is to provide mobile users ringtones that they would like to hear when their phones ring. Some sites also allow you to make your own ringtones using the website's software. Then you download the ringtone to your mobile phone. These sites encourage you to bring out your creativity. In fact, many sites have ringtone competitions where the person composing the best ringtone may win a trip to his favorite destination. You can also keep different types of ringtone for different occasions. For example if you are out with friends or going to a party, you can pick up a hip hop or pop rock ringtone. Of course you will want a different type of ringtone when you are in a professional environment. The ringtone market has assumed global reach today as it brings people together from different countries and cultures to share their creativity and expose them to the world of ringtones. The best part is that hundreds of ringtones are added to the sites every single day so that you can download them whenever you like. With the advance of technology, Bluetooth phones are now available that enable people to transfer ringtones directly to another person's Bluetooth enabled phone. In fact, at present the type of mobile phone you use and the type of ringtone you choose may reflect your personality depending on how people perceive it to be. As long as mobile phones are being used the ringtones market is here to stay. Go on pick up your own ringtones from your favorite site and impress everyone around you. Article Source : The author makes a living in the field of research and if you have found this article useful, try clicking on his specialist resource sites, and . For other more general information on this topic and others, try this site . ...




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