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Friday, May 25, 2007

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Nokia 6236i (CDMA)

The Nokia 6236i is designed to appeal to a wide range of users with a slim form factor, classic chrome accents and a number of features including a 65,536 color screen, VGA camera, streaming video capability and an integrated FM radio. A built-in speakerphone and voice recorder add a high level of convenience, while high-fidelity MP3 ring tones and streaming video capability add a high level of entertainment.

Price: 229.99

Samsung X209 USB Data Cable with Charger(Download Ringtones WallPapers Games) + CD Driver

USB Data Cable with Charger for SamsungĀ  X199, X209, X219, X319, X339, X359, X369, X559, X609, X659, N361, A601, A561, A809(Connect with internet)Key Specifications/Special Features: GPRS connect internet. Charge via USB Port Download / Modify ring tones Modify Startup & Operator logos Send SMS messages Edit mobile phone numbers (on SIM) Edit & Send picture messages via PC Change logo and download address book Complies with USB specification version 1.1. Higher transfer speed than the RS232 cable, supporting baud rates from 1200 to 115.2K. Supports automatic handshake mode. Over 1 Mbps transfer rate. Supports Win 98,Win 2000,Win ME,Win XP,Mac OS 8.6 or above. Dimension: 1.20 m. Including an USB cable with type A connector to host computer. Connectors can connect to Mobile phones as Terminal equipment.(Optional type) Driver is available. For more information, please visit
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Treo 300 Ringtone Collection downloadable Software

This is new collection of polyphonic ringtones for Handspring Treo 300. Available collections: - Films and TV (1) - 25 sounds - Films and TV (2) - 25 sounds - Depeche Mode - 20 sounds - Pink Floyd - 20 sounds - Nirvana - 30 sound - NEW SOUNDS COMING SOON Features: * Tones are composed, installed directly from your Treo. * You can store thousands of ringtones on your handheld. Play, edit or archive your ringtones with a few taps * You can beam ringtones from Treo to Treo, and share your creations with friends. * You can insert ringtone's recipients from number directly from your Palm address book. * The full featured tone composition module lets you compose your tone on a virtual keyboard, change octave, key * These ringtones are Ringo * Demo is limited to 2 ringtones, Full version contains 120 ringtones Compatible Devices: - Handspring Treo 300 Required software: - Ringo for Treo 300 Demo version contains 2 additional ringtones ("Beverly Hills Cop" and "Rocky")!
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