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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Read this about ringtone Voice Recognition: Used In So Many Ways

Author: Leon Chaddock -
Voice recognition can be used in a number of different manners. The goal of it is to provide you with the most unbelievable ability to be able to tell a computer or a piece of software to do something and then it will just do it. It will recognize your voice and then react to it. This makes it as some of the most sought after technology on the market. One of the most common types of voice software is that which is used on the everyday cell phone. Mobile phones have the ability to store phone numbers of numerous people. If you are driving your car and can't flip through the index of numbers on the phone yourself, why not use voice recognition to help you? By simply training the phone to function based on your voice commands, you can have it scanning your files, pulling up your needed phone number and dialing for you. All of this is done for you, hands free. There are a number of different programs and services that work through voice recognition. You probably thought of it as a product that only people into the far future would use. But today, smart houses are being built that allow you to tell it what to do and it does just that for you. This type of technology is a technology that every one of us can benefit from in one method or another. From the use in our homes, to cars and to even enable us to do a better job at work. And, what is nice is that the technology needed for this type of software is becoming less and less expensive. That makes it more affordable for each person to take advantage of. See how voice recognition can benefit your life and be impressed. Article Source : For more information please see ...

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