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Friday, May 25, 2007

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An interesting ringtone read The Video Club: the culture of exchanging videos through phone

Author: Philip Nicosia
With millions and millions of mobile phone users around the world, there's no wonder that cellular phone manufacturers have continuously modified this little gadget from a simple communication device, to an essential multi-purpose tool. It now functions as a still camera, mp3 player, radio, organizer, clock, word processor, web browser, game console, networking device, and recently, as video camera. The practise of exchanging videos through mobile phone brings a whole new meaning to "show and tell." Video capable phones have become a delightful and convenient conversation starter and aid. For instance, the technology makes it easier to introduce friends to other friends, even when they're not physically present, by sharing the video you took of him or her on your mobile. In a different scenario, you can now instantly prove your claim of being able to sky dive, bungee-jump, and kite-surf, to a friend you have not seen in a while, by showing him or her the videos on your phone. Just imagine the wonders that having this capability in your phone would do to your social life; having the latest funny, exciting, and interesting clips can lead you right to the "in" crowd. Those who find a clip interesting enough, seeing it on your mobile phone, will want to have a copy of it just to show it to other people, or simply to be able to view it again. This culture of sharing has the capacity to keep the conversation going, from one group of friends to the next. Sharing videos through phone also provides instant entertainment and a convenient way to pass the time. Regularly receiving videos from friends and acquaintances can make your phone the ultimate mobile entertainment gadget, as it holds clips that you can view at any convenient time. When you have a mobile phone that's equipped with a video camera, it's easy to capture footage that you would not have been able to catch otherwise. If your friends spontaneously sent you on a dare to try on an outrageous costume in the vintage shop and then take a tour of the store, you probably wouldn't have the chance to get your home video camera to tape it. With your video enabled phone, you can record it and instantly send it out to a friend who needs cheering up. Going on a Caribbean cruise? You can bring out that video camera just in time to capture footage of the dolphins diving in and out of the water. Aside from creating potential works of art and documenting rare events in your everyday life, you can also use the video camera to send your love to someone who is far away, and it will have a more personal touch as the receiver can see your image as you deliver the message. Article Source : is a site specialising in the different genres of mobile ringtones ,mobile videos and Nokia wallpapers . ...

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